DR.TESFAYE ABEBE ART CENTER is a private company, which undertakes a range of community wide events such as organization of market show, road shows, theater performances, stage plays and event organizations tailored to diverse settings and cultures.

Our center has a pool of talented professionals who have been engaged in many large projects, mostly involving the production and operation of community wide events including Community Theater, market show and road show events and other cultural events. From our rich pool of professionals, we select the best possible combination of talents to put their knowledge and skills to maximum effect for our clients.


A number of professional performing art team teams will take part in organizing community wide events .The entire team member will actively be involved in the performance with optimal mix competencies and different complementing roles.

A brief profile of the few core team members to be involved in the organization of community wide events  are proposed below:-

The manager, Tewodros Tesfaye, is a well know actor, scriptwriter and director. Tewodros Tesfaye has rich experience in directing feature films, music clips, stage plays and shows. He has directed all dramas featured in different community wide events organized for different NGOs.  He will be the lead that will take the overall leadership, technical and managerial support to the team. He will takes the accountability for show implementation;

  • Take part in the discussions , and agreements
  • Select MC, Drama talents and ensure administrative approval process
  • Provide guidance by explaining the objective of the show and outline the activity plan for each stages of the assignment
  • Develop work plan and tools to ensure the quality of the events
  • Responsible for the event production  and contact person that communicate with your organization
  • Ensures that deliverables are submitted as stipulated in the contract agreement
  • Responsible to make sure the event stays on schedule.
  • Directing the drama and overall performance of the events

Scriptwriter, Tewodros Belayneh , is known in script writing and play writing stage plays. He has written several serial drama scripts and feature films and stage plays. He will be assigned and responsible to the community wide event drama script. Furthermore he will be responsible to

  • Collect important information which is helpful to the script by closely working with your organization assigned  team members
  • Write a draft script in the pre-production stage of the events
  • Refine the script according to the comments and feedbacks

Our center will assign Johny Tesfaye as a camera man who has rich experience in documenting community wide events in videos and pictures. He will be responsible for the shooting and filming of the events. He will also be :-

  • Responsible to shoot the events and take pictures
  • Work closely with the Director, script writer, production manager and editor
  • Responsible for organizing the equipment
  • responsible the Film and picture production quality

Film editor (Addis Tesfa Entertainment) experienced in film editing for years.  It is responsible to put together the events videos. Furthermore the agency is:-

  • Responsible and lead the video editing process
  • Responsible to control the continuity and harmonization of shot sequence, audio, lighting and visual effect, color grading, animation and graphics
  • Also responsible to incorporate music, natural sound etc.
  • Responsible to incorporate the comments and finalize the video clip in the given time with the expected quality. .