Ethiopian Art Delegates affiliated with Honorary Dr. Artist Tesfaye Abebe Art center, Afro ethio tour and travel and dome trance from turkey, also Business delegates which were 30 in number took part on the Festival; It was held in Istanbul University of Bachelors on Saturday April 21 ,2018.

The Festival was designed to Show the Ethiopians Culture and Trade Mobilization through Ethiopian Music and different activities and on the Festival Some people and Organizations were Certified by H.E Ato Ayalew Gobeze The Ethiopian Ambassador to Turkey.

This event was mainly organized by Dr. Artist Tesfaye Abebe art Center, as all Ethiopians know this Art Center has been training Ethiopian Artists for the last 48 years for free without any payment and the Country’s more than 80 % of Outstanding and Famous Artists are the fruit of this Art Center; The Art Center is now trying to Show the Ethiopian Art and Culture for the rest of the World besides to its Trainings is being given in the Art center.

Artist Tewodros Tesfaye The son of Hon. Dr.Artist Tesfaye  is the one who  mainly  organized this event along with his work mates ,Artist Tewodros is one the  Fruit of The Art Center and now He is notable  in Ethiopian Art.

TiKA is Turkish co-operation Agent which is now working in Ethiopia has played big role to accomplish this Festival and paid Air ticket for all Participants to the Festival.

Ato Berhie Assefa; who works mainly on Transportation Sector has sponsored the event and paid all the necessary expenses for the Participants on the Festival and in Istanbul Turkey.

His Excellency Ato Ayalew Gebeze  an Ethiopian Ambassador to Turkey spoke on The Festival ,in his speech He explained that Ethiopia is an out shining  Country and this kind of Event and Festival has its own contribution to show the right image of Ethiopia  and has to be continued by next year and He promised to assist the delegates in every necessary and possible situations and He said that, this kind of Festival has to be held in different Countries to Show the Right image of Ethiopia and to attract Developmental Investors to Ethiopia.

On the Festival the Ethiopian Music was presented, Ethiopian Cultural Clothes were displayed and Ethiopian Cultural Foods and also Ethiopian Coffee was served.

Four Turkey State Television Stations and Ethiopian Television were reporting the Festival.

Some People from Turkey and non-Turkey who took part at the event were delighted and astonished by the Ethiopian Music and Culture at all.






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