About Tesfaye Abebe

Tesfaye was a remarkable man in Ethiopian art history. He was many persons rolled in one. He was a theatre trainer, a play writer, music lyricist, Music instrument player, composer, director and program introducer. His all rounding deeds in the last half a century were too great. General Manager of city council theatre in 1980’s Getachew Tarekegn, said that “Like Tesfaye, I have never seen any person who devoted most of his life time to Art. In nation news paper, Abone Ashagre who is instructor of A.A.U argued that, the contribution of Tesfaye for the development of Art was many and these deeds made him to be placed at a higher level. In the previous decades, Training the amateus had an advantage in spreading the profession of art by increasing the number of individual who entered in the profession. That is to say, previously the society had a negative attitude towards art as a result Tesfay’s training enabled to increase the number of individual that joined the profession. It must be known that, all these deeds were done in a difficult and exhaustive time. Abone, future, added that, all Tesfaye’s contributions were done without any support. Tesfaye have been scored about fifty- years in the field of Art. He celebrated his Golden jubilee at last year in the national theatre. These programmed was prepared by those artists who have been trained at the center in the last thirty one years. The programmed was performed at September 23, 2004.



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