Short documentary of Artist Tesfaye Abebe

Tesfaye have been scored about fifty- years in the field of Art. He celebrated his Golden jubilee at last year in the national theatre. These programmed was prepared by those artists who have been trained at the center in the last thirty one years.

TESFAYE ABEBE ART CENTER undertakes a range of community wide events including community theater, market show and road show and other cultural events tailored to diverse settings. From our rich pool of professionals, we select the best possible combination of talents to put their knowledge and skills to maximum effect for our clients. The center carries out its activities with qualified and professional multi lingual professionals who have been working in various theater centers, institutions, and film and theater production companies in the country as well as in the regions.


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Latest Works

Here below are our most recent works and respective TAAC video uploads.

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ለክቡር ዶ /ር ተስፋዬ አበበ ከከተማ መስተዳድሩ የተበረከተ ስጦታ

ክቡር ኢንጂነር ታከለ ኡማ የአዲስ አበባ ከተማ አስተዳደር ም/ ከንቲባ እንዲሁም ረዳት ፐሮፌሰር ነብዩ ባዬ፣ ከከተማ አስተዳደሩ የስራ ኃላፊዎች ጋር በመሆን በ18/12/2011 ዓ.ም ላለፉት 65 ዓመታት በኪነጥበብ አለም ለሃገር ያበረከቱትን ታላቅ ሥራን እና ለ50 ዓመታት በፅናት የጥበብ ፍቅር ያላቸውን ወጣቶች በነፃ በማስተማር እና በስነ ምግባር የታነፁም እንዲሆኑ ላበረከቱት እጅግ የተደነቀ እና የተከበረ አገልግሎታቸው ክቡር ዶ/ር […]

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